Let’s Talk About Jesus Like He Matters

By lan Warner

You talk about things that matter to you. If you are a huge NFL fan, you find ways to bring football up as much as possible. If you are a fan of baking, you find ways to talk about it and look for people who want to talk about it. Shouldn’t the same be valid for the savior of the world? We need to talk about Jesus as if he is the essential thing in our lives. People have difficulty with evangelism because they are not used to having spiritual conversations. People try to never to bring Jesus up in fear of what others may say. Going forward let’s talk about Jesus like he matters.

What does it say if you only bring something up that is important to you if you are sure the other person is ok with it? For example, would you only talk about your family if you knew other people were ok with it? If your family is important to you, it means you bring them up regardless of if others have an issue with them. That is what you do when you love something. How much love should we have for the one who came and died in our place so that we could be one with God again?

Talk About Jesus Every Day

One of the misconceptions people have about having a spiritual conversation where you talk about Jesus is thinking that if you do, you have to be trying to make someone think like you. I can talk all day about my kids, but I am not doing it because I expect you to have kids. I am talking about my kids because I love them.

Talk about Jesus because you love him and meditate on his word. Talk about Jesus because you worship him all day and night like we were made to, but it does not mean you have to be shoving it down others’ throats.

Someone may ask you what you have learned recently, thinking you will talk about some self-help book. Use this time to talk about Jesus instead. If you read scripture in the morning, tell people what you learned. Tell people how on that very day, Jesus transformed your heart. It does not have to be any grand story.

For example, one thing Jesus is teaching me right now is to pray for my enemies. Romans 12 talks about the Marks of a True Christian and one of the things a faithful Christian does is pray for their enemies. I don’t always want to do this, which has challenged me. However, when I have prayed for enemies, it always created opportunities for reconciliation and helped me understand others on a deeper level.

That is all you have to say. How can someone get mad about you saying that, and if they do, it says more about them than it does about you, and you can pray for them as well?

Talk About Jesus and What He Has Done For You

One of the best things you can do is get used to telling your testimony. You can have the extended version and the quick 30-second elevator pitch. You don’t need to have said or done anything crazy here. Trust that what God has done in your life is enough. So many times in the Gospel, Jesus would transform someone through healing their illness and tell them to go to their town and show people what he did. What Jesus did to them was enough!

Who were you before you knew Jesus? What sin was taking over your life? Too many Christians forget about how they were dead in their sins. Before Jesus, you had no chance, and though the world thought you were a good person, God knew the truth about you. But then something happened, and God met you where you were, and he began to work in you and through you.

Tell other people about this. Too many people think they know Jesus but don’t understand the personal relationship. In Matthew 7, when Jesus warns that many will try to end the kingdom of God and say, “I never knew you,” he is talking about this relationship.

It’s like the difference between knowing some pop stars and having a relationship with them. If you know of them, it means you Google about them and read the tabloids. But if you know them, you talk to them regularly. You know what motivates them, you know their flaws, and you know their family. So likewise, Jesus wants a relationship with us. He wants us to talk with him every day. He wants to be the center of all of our lives.

When you tell your testimony, you help people to see this truth. You help them see that Jesus is more than a guy from a book that the world has labeled as homophobic, cruel to animals, and all of these other harmful things. You realize that the book is about a loving, just, sovereign, merciful God who would give up everything for us. Help others to see that with your own story.

You Get Used to Spiritual Conversations and Stop Fearing The Hard Ones

Let’s cut to the chase here! When people say, “let’s talk about Jesus,” people get scared because of the potential for challenging conversations. Romans 8 tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of God, and we need to hold tight to that during complex spiritual discussions. We must remember that some people have been hurt by people who say they follow Jesus, and it put some people on a mission to rip them away from Jesus.

This makes people silent when they should be bold to speak up. It makes people want to hide and quiver when they should stand tall and say what they know is true. You can’t just do this out of nowhere. You have to get used to having more straightforward questions where questions come up here and there, and you get used to answering them.

You don’t need to be a Bible scholar or have every apologetics strategy down pat. What you need to be able to do is listen well to people. Let them talk and hear their hurt. The Gospel has an answer for every form of pain you can imagine. The advantage of the Gospel is not just eternal life. The Gospel brings life and blessing in so many other ways. It brings people peace, healing, new life, a new family, adoption, a father, protection, someone to be with, and so many other things.

Suppose someone starts asking hard questions or trying to tear down the Gospel. Let them talk. Your job is to stay calm and rooted in the Gospel’s truth. Show them you are different and will respond with love and care no matter how hurtful they become.

When people say, “let’s talk about Jesus,” you will be excited and not worry about what they say. Your confidence will not be in your knowledge but in God and his spirit to give you the words to speak at the moment.

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