Evangelism Training – Here Are The Basics You Need to Cover

By lan Warner

If you want to administer or go through some evangelism training, there are some key areas that you want to hit. Getting people to understand the theology of what evangelism really is. The great commission in Matthew 28 says to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” How can you disciple all nations if you are not willing to share the Gospel? How can you do this if talking about Jesus is not of the utmost importance to you? To do evangelism training well, you have to speak to the heart, not to the brain.

People are used to the brain doing the work in school. But if you really want people to take action you have to speak to the core of who you are. When you act right away it’s because something touched your heart, not your mind. We all know that we should love our neighbor or help someone in need but it speaks to the heart that gets us off of the couch to do it.

How to Preach Evangelism to The Heart – Evangelism Training

You can point someone to scripture after scripture of why evangelism matters and people will still do a thing about it. To preach to the heart you need to invoke an emotional response. In the past, the way people tried to do this is talking about hell, but Christians are supposed to be ambassadors to bring heaven down to earth. One of the best ways to get people excited about evangelism is to picture a world with more Christ-followers.

It does not mean that it would be perfect but everyone has something they think Christians do better. Repentance could be one of those examples. Christians should always be attached to reconciliation. This means that when relationships are broken, Christians seek to repair those relationships. Help people to imagine a world with more of what they love about Christianity in the first place.

The other way is to dig in on what people hate about Christianity which is the hypocrites they believe it produces. One way you get here is when Christians pick and choose what in the Bible they want to believe. You can’t say you believe in one part of the Bible but not the other. The entire Word is profitable for teaching, or you believe it’s not. Chances are if you call on the name of Jesus you believe in the Bible which means that you also believe in evangelism.

Ephesians 4: 10-14 – He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things.) 11 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, 12 to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, 14 so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes. 

What this means is that to be a Christian and play your part, you have to use the gifts God has given you. No one can do it all on their own, so we all have different degrees of the gifts of:

  1. Apostle
  2. Prophet
  3. Evangelist
  4. Shepherds
  5. Teachers

Jesus Preached in Public

You can’t have evangelism training without understanding how Jesus brought the truth to the people. If we are to imitate Jesus that means we must be willing to share his truth in public. Too many people want to hide the truth out of fear that people will hate them. Our goal as Christians is not to be loved by the world. Scripture tells us that the world will hate us.

John 15:18“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” 

Jesus spoke to people right where they were. He did not wait until only Christians were around because there were few Christians at the time. He said what needed to be said no matter who was around.

If you want people to evangelize you need to lead them in a way that encourages them to get to pray for that type of boldness. Being bold to speak the truth no matter who is around can only come from Jesus himself. Nothing else can drive a person to be bold in that way.

Jesus Told People to Go and Proclaim

In Luke 7:26-39 Jesus heals a man with a demon and his final words to him are “‘Return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.’ And he went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus has done for him.”

Jesus could have told him to go home and be as quiet as possible. Sometimes he did this, but in Luke chapter 7 he told him to proclaim to everyone what was done. Notice he did not say go study scripture first. He did not say go to seminary first or that they needed to be experts. He just told them to declare what was done.

We don’t do this enough! We don’t declare what Jesus has done in our life. Instead, we sit around thinking about apologetics or trying to be as smart as possible. People need to hear real stories from people who just want to share the truth about who Jesus is!

How God has transformed you from dying in your flesh to being alive in his spirit is enough. You don’t need anything else to be able to talk about who Jesus did. We have to trust that the Spirit of God will convict people and get them to repent and turn from their ways.

How to Talk With People Who Are Different

The one thing that creates more diving walls is people who we can point out as being different. An easy example is skin color. It’s easy to look at another person and be scared to chat with them because they are different. We forget that at the core humans all want the same things. We allow the lies of the devil to push us apart and keep us separate.

The gospel of Jesus Christ breaks down these dividing walls. It takes the black and white persona and makes them brothers. The gospel takes the rich lawyer and the ex-con and brings them together as one. Nothing else has the power that the Gospel has to bring people together.

Why don’t Christians rely on this more? Evangelism is helping people to see this truth and understand that they can approach anyone and share the truth of who Jesus Christ is. If you as a Christian cannot walk up to anyone and bring the truth of the Gospel then there is a piece of the Gospel you are not fully grasping.

The Gospel is not for the Jews, but Paul was instructed to bring it to all of the gentiles. The Bible says to go and make disciples of all nations. Not go and make disciples of the nations that you are comfortable with.

Full Court Press

Most evangelical churches are really good at waiting for the spirit to do work in the Lord. What they are not good at doing is playing full-court press. Playing full court comes from the game of basketball. When you play full-court it means that you rush into playing defense. You don’t give the offense time to bring the ball up to you. Instead, you get in their face right away and you don’t give them any space. Teams don’t like this because it is exhausting!

When you play defense this way you have to be turned on the entire time with no breathers! That is how you need to be when you do evangelism. You have to be right beside people. Constantly inviting them, texting them, sending encouragement. You have to risk being annoying and doing too much.

Most people read this and they think about our culture that never wants to come on too strong. Everyone is afraid of doing too much so they just hang back and hope that someone else will do the hard work of helping someone to take their next step in following Jesus.

Playing full-court press means that people don’t mistake how much you care. They know that you are there for them and that you will tell them the truth no matter how much it hurts. It means that there is no running away from you because you care that much.

Be Confident in Your Faith Going Into Your Evangelism Training

The last thing you need to do is pray for confidence that comes from God. You don’t need any confidence in yourself but you need to Boast in Christ and know that all good things come from God. If you want to have excellent evangelism training, you need confidence in the Lord.

Evangelism is not something people pray for often. It’s not something people look forward to doing because it’s not easy. It challenges you and it makes you put all of your trust in the Lord.

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