Preaching The Gospel in Your Everyday Life Like a Pro

By lan Warner

If you’re a mature Christian, the chances are that you have come to expect that The Gospel is preached in every single sermon you hear. You have probably sat through a pretty good sermon but left knowing that it was missing something. You can be the funniest, most stern, or know the most random biblical facts, but if you don’t give people the good news of Jesus Christ, then it was a miss! The Gospel is not just for unbelievers, but it’s for you and every other believer as well. Everyone needs the Gospel because it’s the answer to all our problems. So we need to learn why preaching the Gospel in everyday life is essential.

One thing that we constantly try to tell people here at Boast in Christ is the fact that evangelism is for every believer. Some are more gifted at it, in the same way, that some are more gifted in prayer but praying is not for the select few. Preaching the Gospel is not just for the preacher on Sunday mornings. We are all called to proclaim who Jesus is to the world and make disciples of those very same people.

Mark 16:15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.

Romans 1:16 – For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Shouldn’t Only Pastors be Preaching The Gospels?

Many Christians make a mistake in thinking that this Jesus thing is only for Pastors. People see pastors as the ones who study and feed the Bible to you, so you won’t have to do the work yourself. That is called being spiritually lazy, and it’s not faithful to scripture. Studying the Word of God is not for some, but for all who follow Jesus.

One of the worst things about the western world is calling everyone who loves Jesus into ministry. It’s sad, and it speaks to how much we suffer spiritually. If a man is on fire for Christ, that should be normal, but instead, we take that as meaning that they should be a pastor so that we can’t be compared to them.

It’s as if we say I don’t want to be compared to a normal person who loves Jesus, so tell that person to become a pastor, so I feel better about my mediocre approach to my faith. It’s deplorable! Imagine all Christians were expected to be on the level of a local pastor; God would do so much with that.

Share The Gospel Where You Live, Work and Play

The goal is to share the Gospel anywhere you spend time. You meet people at the park playing with your kids, you have lunch with someone at work or just bump into a neighbor when you’re walking the dog. There are many opportunities to share the Gospel with people you see daily.

This seems daunting because of how people think sharing the Gospel is abrasive. You don’t need to walk up to someone and out of nowhere, say that Jesus died for their sins. That is not always appropriate! But you do need to remember that you have been given the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit will give you the right words to say at the moment.

At the moment, someone may need some encouragement and a suitable Bible verse. Or maybe they need someone to sit and listen, and the Spirit leads you not to talk at all. The point is that you don’t have to worry about knowing what to do because the Spirit will guide you.

Get Used to Having Spiritual Conversations To Help With Preaching The Gospel

You need to get used to just talking about Jesus more often. Talk about what Jesus is teaching you to people. Just make it a part of your everyday life. For example, when you sit down and eat with people, talk about your spiritual growth, talk about Jesus, and normalize it. You don’t have to save talking about Jesus for Church.

When you don’t make these conversations normal, sharing the Gospel seems daunting because you never talk about it. On the other hand, people who share the Gospel well often don’t make a big deal of talking about Jesus; it’s just who they are! When you have conversations with people, ask them how they are doing spiritually. Find out if they are going to a church or reading the Bible at all.

When you talk about what you are learning, talk about the Bible and what God is teaching you and make it a regular rhythm in how you speak. Of course, if people don’t like it, they will not want to be around you at all. But, on the other hand, you will more than likely notice that most people are at least open to the conversation.

Focus On Building Tight Relationships Before Preaching The Gospel

The best thing you can do from here is to build genuine relationships with people. You want to avoid the one-way transactions where one person asks, and the other gives. True friendships never work this way. When you have a real friend, there is always give and take. You both realize that you need each other!
One of the best ways to open this door is always to ask people what they are good at. No matter how hard someone’s life is, everyone has been gifted with some skill or gift. When you help people see their talents and use them, you allow them to see their God-given dignity.
When the goal is to build relationships, you open the door to tough conversations. Again, think about money; for example, you would not go up to a random person and tell them what you make. But you may do that with a close friend because there is a strong relationship there.
Close relationships mean that there is trust, and where there is trust, you can more easily lead people to the truth found in Jesus Christ. If someone does not trust you and tells them to read their Bible, it may create hate or resentment. But if the foundation of a good relationship is there, you can make those sorts of recommendations. People need to know that you care about them.

Talk About What Jesus Did For You

One of the biggest things that people miss in conversation is talking about how Jesus has changed your own life. You don’t need to do anything crazy to share the Gospel. People can’t argue with you when you say that Jesus has made an impact on your life. They can say that they don’t need Jesus, but they more than likely won’t tell you that you don’t need him. Our current culture is all about being accepting of all things.
Talking about how Jesus changed your life can also significantly impact your own life. It’s too easy for us to forget what Jesus has done in our own lives. The more you talk about what Jesus changed in you, the easier it is to see how much you need him in your life. Then when you speak with others, they can emotionally feel the impact that he has had on you just by the tone of your voice.

Discover The Pain Points Before Preaching The Gospel

Figure out what people’s biggest problem is in life. We never have to fear any of this because we know that Jesus is the answer to all things. However, if you build a relationship with someone and open up about some of their struggles, you have to pay attention. For example, they may talk about being lonely, and as a follower of Christ, we know that the Holy Spirit has been given to us, and God will never forsake us.
If you know that someone is hurting, there is guaranteed a way that Jesus already fills that need. People need to be taught that following Jesus is not just about eternal life in him. When we follow Christ, he changes our hearts, and an immediate impact is made here on earth. We don’t have to die to be like Christ; we have to accept him and let our flesh die. When the flesh dies, the Spirit becomes alive in us, changing everything.

Commit Your Life to Spreading  The

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