Everything to Know About Non-denominational Christian Churches

By Wendy

Non-denominational Christian Churches. It is typical for religious people to go to church on Sundays. There are many different religions and churches all over the world. Some of these churches are called non-denominational churches.


What Are Non-Denominational Churches?

Non-denominational churches are congregations that are not affiliated with mainline churches and denominations such as Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches. They do not follow beliefs that are set out by large organizations. 

Instead, they depend on the scriptures to guide dogma. They depend on the Bible to dictate worship, teaching, and many other aspects of church life. They are also led by members of the congregation, which are usually elders. They believe that a church is a community of believers instead of a hierarchy. They also aim to practice a unique way of worship.

In non-denominational churches, there are sets of beliefs that are not connected to a single denomination. They are not uniform. Those who are planning to join a non-denominational church should consider the different doctrinal statements involved because there aren’t any denominational belief structures to rely on. There is also no guarantee that these doctrinal statements would be the same.

Nonetheless, there are non-denominational churches that are quite similar to denominational ones. For instance, if the pastor came from a certain denominational church, then the core beliefs of the non-denominational church may be similar to that of the denominational church where he came from.


The Pros and Cons of Non-Denominational Churches

Just like everything else in this world, non-denominational churches have their own sets of pros and cons. It is a wise move to learn about these pros and cons before you become a non-denominational Christian.


The Pros

You have more freedom.

You can wear whatever you want during worship days. You do not have to follow a strict dress code. You do not have to wear a cap or a net cover on your head. So, you can express yourself more freely.


You do not have to follow anyone.

Denominational churches are mostly centered on following the teachings of a prophet, savior, or some kind of leader. The members are taught and trained to follow a specific scripture in order to be saved. This does not happen in a non-denominational church.


You do not have to give money.

Yes, you are not required to donate, unlike with some churches. You can give money if you want, but no one will take it against you if you do not. This is financially free for people who are not that affluent, to begin with. Those who work hard for their money can fully control where it goes. No one is required to give a specific percentage of their income.


The Cons

Non-denominational churches have less defined levels of governance or oversight. 

In fact, some of them do not have any. So, if you plan on attending a non-denominational church, you have to know about its oversight as well as whether the senior pastor is structured or not.

Why do you have to do this? Well, accountability is the purpose of oversight. If there isn’t any, then you have to be careful. While this does not necessarily mean that the church is bad, some issues might come up that you are not ready to deal with.


Non-denominational churches are not rooted in a particular theological framework or tradition.

Because of this, the members can only follow the direction that their pastor takes. This can make them susceptible to unusual or strange stances. In addition, if you join a non-denominational church, you will not have a broad network. So, you will not be able to act in coordination with other religious groups or churches. You would be susceptible to following trends as well.


Non-denominational churches do not have any voting rights. 

Denominational churches usually give their members the right to vote. They are given a say on issues and other things that can affect the church. 

In a non-denominational church, however, the members are not allowed to vote. They have to follow the leaders of the church. They have to agree with the decisions of the leaders. So, if you join a non-denominational church, you have to be okay with not being able to vote. Otherwise, you have to think carefully if you would go ahead and be a member.


How to Choose the Right Non-Denominational Church

It doesn’t really matter if it is a denominational or a non-denominational church. The process of choosing the right one is the same.

For starters, you can do your own research. Check out every available source. You can use the Internet to search for non-denominational churches in your area. Visit their official website, blog, and social media pages if they have any. 

Read articles and blogs. You may be able to find blog entries from members of non-denominational churches. You would learn a lot from people with first-hand experience. Then again, make sure that you take everything with a grain of salt. Do not readily believe everything that you read. Use your logic and intuition.

You can also join forums and communicate with like-minded individuals. You may be able to find forums or discussion boards that center on non-denominational churches. You can also go to libraries and bookstores. Read about them. Learn as much as you can.

Moreover, you can ask the people around you. If you have friends, colleagues, or even family members who are members of non-denominational churches, you can go ahead and ask them about their experiences and opinions. You may be able to gather useful information from people who have already joined these churches.

Another way to find out if a church is right for you is to go there yourself. Visit the church for a few days or weeks, and see if being there feels right. Experience the culture, worship, ambiance, and teachings. Then, make a rational decision based on your observations, research, and experiences.

You can also ask God for signs. Pray to Him and ask Him to lead you to the right path. The Lord answers all prayers. You would know it in your heart when you have found the right church. Go where the Lord leads you.


Final Thoughts

Non-denominational churches may be different from mainstream denominational churches. However, they can be just as good as them. It is up to you if you will join a non-denominational church or not. Remember that the church that inspires you to be a better version of yourself is the right one. So, whether you are a denominational or a non-denominational Christian, it doesn’t really matter as long as you live your life in the ways of the Lord.


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