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Is Yoga a Sin? Why This Practice is So Controversial

Is Yoga a Sin? Why This Practice is So Controversial

Yoga originated in ancient India as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Its various health benefits have gained popularity worldwide, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, and improved breathing. While many people practice Yoga as a form of exercise and relaxation, some Christians believe it is a sin becaYogait involves elements of Hinduism and other non-Christian spiritual practices.

Yoga Points to a Broader Western World Issue

One of the most significant issues with Yoga is that people think they can make anything their own in the West. Only in America do people take something and try to give it an entirely new meaning. So it would be no different than someone taking the cross and saying it has a unique purpose so they don’t have to say they are Christians.

The word for this is cultural appropriation is the best way to describe this. In addition, Yoga comes from India and was created for a specific purpose for Hindus. Yet, Americans decided to take something religious and use it for non-religious purposes. We must understand that this sets up the battle of whether Yoga is a sin or nYogaIs Yoga a Sin. Why Some Say Yes

The argument against Yoga being compatiYogawith Christianity often centers around the belief that Yoga is based on HYoga philosophy and involves worshipping Hindu gods. Some Christians also believe that Yoga involves pracYogang Eastern mysticism, which they see as incompatible with the teachings of the Bible.

Where We Should Worship

God wants us to worship him alone. This gets sticky because Yoga opens you up Yogaome things many may not understand. The Spiritual realm is one that the Western world does not understand. But if you go to many South American or African nations, they know the spiritual world much better. The goal for the Christian is to be led by the Spirit, but there is power in evil spirits as well. The problem is when people see the evil looking good in a worldly sense and begin to follow it.

Yoga introduces people to opening Chakkras and other things that sound good at first. But the goal is always to produce something outside of what Christ did on the cross. So think of it like this, if you believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ, it means that your peace comes from him. Not from any form of activity that we do.

Many Christians slowly fall away from the Gospel by engaging in things they deem harmless at first, but over time they get introduced to more and more ideas that further pull them out.

Personal Experience with Yoga

As a matter of fact, I was introduced to Yoga in high school, and it was taught to me like it was just some stretches, and I never thought anything of it. It felt good, so I figured it must be good. But our feelings can lead us astray. Drinking and sex can feel good, and so can gossip, but does that mean they’re good? Does that mean that God has called us to do those things? That is a much deeper question.

I remember my dad having the courage to warn me about it. He never said to stop it, to do more research. I remember the first red flag being that it was a Hindu practice. I didn’t know much about the religion, but I knew they had other gods, and Yahweh wanted us to worship him alone.

One of the significant benefits of Yoga comes with the thiopental health explosion we have seen recently. I have a hot take here; it’s wild how much we talk about the increase in mental health without discussing what is causing it. Of course, iPhones single-handedly have increased mental health issues, but we would instead resort to Yoga vs. getting rYogaf the phone.

When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are given His Spirit, and His Spirit changes our hearts and our minds to be more like Jesus. Every day we are being saved, and that is the process of sanctification that keeps renewing us.

Spiritual Practices The Bible Calls Us To

  • Meditate on his word
  • Fasting
  • Praying
  • Fellowship with believers
  • Evangelism
  • Solitude

These practices are all focused on God. Evangelism tells people about God, solitude and prayer are spending time with God, and Fasting is giving things up for God. Yoga is not about God. Yoga is about clearing your mind and controlling yourself outside of God.

Is Yoga a Sin? Why Some Say No

On the other hand, many Christians who practice Yoga argue that yoYogaan be practiYogain a way consistent with Christian beliefs. They see Yoga as a way to contact God and as a form of exercise that can be used to strengthen their bodies and minds.

Moreover, the belief system here is that everything can be made with some form of evil because every human is a sinner. iPhones can be made with horrible intent but can be used for good. The internet has been used for much evil and good, so should Christians not engage with it?

Yoga is seen by many in the West as nothing more than exercise. There is no spiritual element to it. Those who see a spiritual part see themselves praying to Jesus or opening themselves up to the Lord. The question must be whether God calls us to open ourselves to him through Yoga. We don’t need Yoga to invent new ways to worship him; we need to worship him how he told us to.

In Conclusion

Whether or not Yoga is a sin depeYogaon one’s beliefs and interpretation of the Bible; individuals must research and consult with spiritual leaders before deciding whether or not to practice Yoga. In conclusioYogahether, whether or not Yoga is a sin is an aYogaplex question that requires careful consideration of religious and cultural factors. Therefore, individuals must make informed decisions based on their beliefs and values.

I stay away from Yoga. I don’t wantYogago down that path; if I need to strengthen my body, I find other ways, and if I want to improve my mind, I turn to the Lord. That is where I have landed. As I grow older, I am more weary of things that can move me away from the Lord. I have drifted down that path before and don’t want to again.

Ahne Dumalo

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