A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul

By Wendy

Proverbs 27:9 tells us that “Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

Good Friendships Are Priceless Treasures

God created us to spend time with our fellowmen. He designed us to build communities and form friendships. The saying that “no man is an island” is true. We really cannot live by ourselves. We need other people to survive, which is how God wants us to live.

When we have good friends, our souls will be refreshed. Good friends are priceless treasures that money cannot buy. When God created our souls, He specifically designed them to involve our emotions and thoughts. So, when we form good friendships, they will restore the strength of our souls.

We must cherish our friends just as we cherish our family and ourselves. True friends love us unconditionally. They also follow the ways of the Lord. They positively influence us and are always around when we need love, care, and support.

We need to choose our friends wisely. We should avoid being in the company of those who willfully commit sins. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals.” Also, Proverbs 22:24-25 says, “Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.”

These Bible verses prove that we should only go in the company of those who live according to God’s will. Otherwise, we would be influenced by evil and put our lives at risk.

This is very much applicable today. Many people, especially adolescents, tend to be easily influenced by their peers. They want to fit in so much that they are willing to do everything to be liked. They aim to please their peers, so they agree to do drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink liquor, and do ungodly acts.

In the end, these people have led astray. Their lives are ruined. Their future is taken away from them because they mingled with the wrong crowd. Fortunately, things are not too late for them. They can still redeem themselves. They just have to get away from those who influence them negatively and change their ways for the better. God is merciful and forgiving. He welcomes those who come back to Him.

We Need Good Friends

Godly friends love us unconditionally. They influence us positively. They help us be closer to the Lord. If we go astray, they lead us back to the right path so that we can enter the Kingdom of God.
We are blessed when we have good friends. We know that we are in the right company when we are happy, productive, and following the ways of the Lord. We have found a sweet friendship when our souls are refreshed, replenished, renewed, revived, and stimulated.

Good friends see the qualities that we do not even recognize. They encourage us to be the best versions of ourselves. They are dependable, supportive, and helpful. They embody the positive traits that God wants us to have. They pray and worship the Lord and want us to do the same.

John 4:14 tells us, “but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life”.

God refreshes the soul through the Holy Spirit. During the times when we are weak, vulnerable, or discouraged, God sends us the Holy Spirit to comfort us as well as to remind us of the many blessings that we have. So, we should always be grateful to God for the overflowing blessings that he bestows upon us.
Good friends are among these blessings. When we surround ourselves with positive influences, the Holy Spirit within us rejoices. In fact, the Holy Spirit also lives within our good friends.

Through them, we can be reminded of the goodness of Jesus. We can always refer to the Bible for guidance whenever we feel confused. God will speak to us through the verses so that we may be strengthened once more.
Jesus Himself had many good friends. First, they even left their old lifestyles and followed Him. Second, they were His disciples. Third, they lived their lives preaching the Word of the Lord. Fourth, they never lost faith in Him. Lastly, they strived to encourage other people to believe in Him too.

Through Jesus’ teachings, we would have clarity. When we pray, He answers our prayers. Although we cannot literally hear Him, He speaks to us through the good people around us, such as our friends. They can give us advice, instruction, or guidance. They can lead us to the solution to our problems.

Likewise, God comforts us through our good friends. When we are down and weary, our good friends sit with us. They listen to us. They help and support us. When we are joyful, our friends share our happiness and victory. God sends them to be with us through our ups and downs.

Matthew 18:20 tells us, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” This proves that when we pray, we can rest assured that Jesus is with us. Prayers are very powerful. God never forsakes those who believe in Him. We make God happy when we share our beliefs and experiences with good friends.

Final Thoughts

A sweet friendship refreshes our souls and awakes our hearts. It fills us with joy because good friends are akin to the anointing oils that yield the fragrant incense of the presence of the Lord.
Through good friends, we can experience the love of God. We can enjoy God’s creations much better. Our good friends also bring about new perspectives. They remind us how we have to treat our fellowmen. They also encourage us to spread love and the Word of the Lord to everyone who crosses our path.

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