Does God Forgive Abortion?

By lan Warner

Does God Forgive Abortion? There has been much speculation over abortion throughout recent years. People have been torn with regard to their views on the subject matter. Some people are pro-abortion, while others are against it.
The pro-life community works hard to develop support services as well as alternatives to abortion. Such efforts help save millions of lives every year. But what about those who have chosen abortion? From a religious perspective, can they be forgiven by God?

To answer this complex question, let us look at the Bible.


What the Bible Says About Sins and Forgiveness

Does God Forgive Abortion? The Bible mentions unforgivable sins, and abortion is one of them. Taking the life of an unborn child may be considered murder, which is a heinous sin. With this being said, can abortion be regarded as an unforgivable sin?
The answer is “no.”

There isn’t any biblical evidence that supports the idea of abortion being an unforgivable sin. In the Bible, numerous accounts have shown religious people committing sins.

King David, for example, committed murder when he ordered Uriah to be killed. He did this for his gain. He wanted to marry Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. So, he planned to get rid of the man.

However, David became remorseful over his actions. He prayed for repentance, and this is evident in Psalm 51. So, even if he committed grave sins, he was still forgiven because he asked for forgiveness and repented. His sins of murder and adultery were massive, but God’s grace proved to be much greater.
God forgave David. David, once again, became devoted to God. With this being said, it would not be surprising for people who have committed abortion yet asked for forgiveness and repented would be forgiven as well. As long as they are sincere about their repentance and they vow never to commit the sin again, they will be forgiven by God.
So, if you have committed a sin, do not worry because God still loves you. He will forgive you if you repent and follow His teachings. In order for you to experience the liberation of forgiveness, you have to confess your sins. You have to have a contrite spirit and a humble heart.

Remember that contrition is about being genuinely sorrowful for disobeying the Lord. It is not the same as repentance of attrition since this one is merely false repentance caused by a fear of being punished. In other words, it is being sorry for being caught, not being sorry because of sadness from disobeying God.

True repentance involves acknowledging guilt and not trying to justify it. If you seek God with genuine contrition, humility, and a resolution to never sin again, you will surely be forgiven by God.
Even though you can never take back time and revert what you have done, you can still repent, change your ways, and be more faithful to God. Forgiveness is caused by the grace of God. It has magnificent healing power.
So, even if you have had an abortion, you can still be free from shame. God loves you and does not want you to live the rest of your life in shame. He wants you to repent from your sins and ask Him for forgiveness. He wants to cleanse you.

Isaiah 1:18 says that even though sins are like scarlet, they would be as white as snow. Even though they are red just like crimson, they would be white just like wool.

Basically, this means that even though you have sinned and became unclean, you can still be clean again when you are cleansed by God.

Scriptures on Forgiveness

Does God Forgive Abortion? For many people, post-abortiveness comes with loads of complex emotions and thoughts. Some people claim to experience a lifetime of guilt and regret. When you read the Bible, you will find scriptures that discuss the tragedy of abortion. Then again, you will find scriptures discussing hope and forgiveness for the post-abortive.
Here are some of the scriptures that you can read to lighten up your spirit and bring you to hope amidst the regret and sorrow that you are feeling after having an abortion:

1 John 1:9
It says that when you confess your sins, God will be faithful. He will forgive you and cleanse you from all the unrighteousness.

2 Corinthians 5:17
Those who are in Christ becomes new creations. The old has already passed away, and the new has come. This means that you should not be stuck in the past. When you are truly sorry for your sins, and you promise to change your ways, you can start over and enjoy a new life.

Psalm 32:5
If you acknowledge and confess your sins to God, you will be forgiven.

Micah 7:19
It talks about God having compassion on anyone who has sinned but has repented. He will tread your iniquities underfoot. All your sins would be cast away.

Ephesians 1:7
In God, you can be redeemed through His blood. Through His grace, your trespasses can be forgiven.

Final Thoughts

People, regardless of whether they are pro-life or pro-choice, can struggle with the decision to have an abortion. After all, people have various reasons for doing it.

Nevertheless, no matter how painful or tragic abortion can be, it can still be forgiven by God. Even though it is a mortal sin, it can be forgiven. You can still live a normal life if you genuinely repent. The post-abortive can still find healing and hope.

God has the power to bring healing and restoration to anyone who needs it. He brings light to those who are in the dark. He is the only one who can make sin go away. You do not have to be devastated all your life. You can be happy again, thanks to the grace of God.

Does God Forgive Abortion? God forgives abortion; but only if those who do it become godly and sorrowful and do their best never to sin again. You will be forgiven if you ask God for forgiveness.


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