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7 Must Read Grace Filled Christian Poems

7 Must Read Grace Filled Christian Poems

What better way to show our love, adoration, and faith in God than with Christian poems? Poems are artistic and inspirational. We can express ourselves freely by writing poems showing our love for the Lord.

Here are some of the most popular Christian poems that you can use as reference and inspiration to create your own:

Hope & Joy – Christian Poem 
By Eloise A. Skimings

Trust thou in the Lord, Holy is His name;
When life’s shadows cross thy path, let thy aim
Be to look on High, then will they depart
And the sunshine of gladness fills thy heart.

Thou hast done thy duty in thy own home,
Glory awaits thee in the world to come;
Rejoice and be glad; thy care is all o’er,
God the Father is with thee evermore.

Thou wilt return, bright as the evening star.
Where now darkness reigns, hope’s rays seem afar;
But soon, they’ll encircle thee; all will be bright.
And joy, blessed joy, will be thine morn and night.

The Hand Divine – Christian Poem 
By Daniel C. Colesworthy

The impress of a Hand Divine
On everything I see:
The humblest flower, the tenderest vine,
Speak of a Deity.

There’s not a plant that decks the spring,
A blossom, or a rose,
A blade of grass, an insect’s wing,
But heavenly wisdom shows.

‘Twas He who gave the lily birth,
And made the worlds on high;
In beauty spread the teeming earth
The God forever nigh.

‘Tis everywhere I see and trace
The finger of his love;
Whose dwelling is unbounded space,
Around, below, above.

Trust In Jesus – Christian Poem 
By J. J. Thorne

Christians wait and trust in God,
While in this vile world, you plod.

In your troubles and despair,
Blessed Jesus is even there.

When we are loaded down with care,
It seems that all are in despair.

We then are further off from harm,
Resting safe in Jesus’ arms.

When we rejoice in nature’s delight,
Satan is near; mark his flight.

When we are on the mountain peak,
In nature, we are always weak.

But when we drop clown in the vails,
Jesus is near; he never fails.

When the clouds are looking dark.
And you have lost your trusting spark.

Look to Jesus for your rest,
In whom you were always blessed.

Amid the darkest, dreary night,
Far up above, there is light.

Jesus, with his smiling face,
Discloses home and heavenly place.

In Jesus up above so far,
You are typical to a star.

The star shoots and faids away.
Typical to your dying day.

A Christian’s life is never lost.
Neither a star of the heavenly host.

You reach heaven by angelic grace,
The star proceeds to its former place.

God Knows Best – Christian Poem 
By Caleb Davis Bradlee

My God knows best! through all my days
This is my comfort and my rest,
My trust, my peace, my solemn praise,
That God knows all, and God knows best.

My God knows best! That is my chart;
This thought to me is always blest;
It hallows, and it soothes my heart,
For all is well, and God knows best.

My God knows best! then tears may fall;
In his great heart, I’ll find my nest;
For he, my God, is overall,
And he is love, and he knows best.

I Listened – Christian Poem 
By Mary C. Plummer

I listened to a bird’s sweet song,
One balmy day in May;
The world is full of lovely things.
To me, it seemed to say.

But you must keep a happy heart,
To find this always true.
For dark clouds cover sunlit skies,
And fade away the blue.

I listened to a song from Man:
The tone was loud and clear;
The trials of life are very hard,
He sang and shook with fear.

‘Twas then I sang a little song.
To satisfy my heart:
O, Jesus, draw me close to thee.
My comforter Thou art.

Looking Upward
By Daniel C. Colesworthy

When I daily lookup,
And never look down,
I find that my cup
Is filled to the crown;
Whatever is wanted
Into my breast flows;
‘Tis when the heart’s lifted,
God kindly bestows.

When I grovel in dust,
And murmur and fret,
How few and how meagre
The blessings I get!
‘Tis only when upward
I prayerfully turn,
That favors are granted,
And wisdom, I learn.

Good Christians
By Greta Zwaan

‘Tis because of us “Good Christians” that sinners are destroyed.
We feel so just and holy, and our minds are “self” employed.
We feel that we are righteous, and we surely let it show,
We pretend to pray for sinners with a satisfying glow.

We talk of “lost conditions” and the peril that’s ahead.
Yet continually, we shelter our “pure minds” from such dread.
We’re so busy being “holy” that we never do proclaim,
To our neighbour, God’s salvation through our precious Saviour’s name.

We attend our clubs and banquets, Sunday School, and church as well,
When all the time our neighbour’s slowly slipping into hell.
How can we talk sincerely of the lost on foreign shore,
And never see the person who is dying right next door?

To God, we’re like the Pharisee who smote upon his breast,
And said, “Oh Lord, I’m thankful that I’m not like all the rest.”
But God says, “You’re a hypocrite,” when you show no concern.
“What must I do to teach you? How long before you learn?”

“I sent my Son a ransom for the souls that you can’t see,
He suffered pain and sorrow for all humanity.”
Yet you who are so “righteous,” so proud of your good deeds,
Won’t stop to help your neighbour amid all his needs.”

If I were on the outside looking at those folks within,
I’d surely stop and ponder what they really thought was sin.
I’d be in no great hurry to be part of such a crowd,
I’d rather just be humble than a hypocrite who’s proud.

I see your smile on Sunday and your fancy, well-picked clothes,
But by the time it’s Monday once again, it seems we’re foes.
I don’t think in the Bible there’s a difference t’ween those days;
But I see it all around me, t’wixt the talking and the ways.

So, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not be party to this thing,
I’m sure that I can manage to my “worldly” ways; I’ll cling.
At least I’m being honest, doing what I think I should,
And, you could take a lesson, ‘stead of thinking that you’re good.

Sometimes, when you’re not busy, come and talk to me of Him,
In the meantime, I’ll be watching. Are you really fighting sin?
Not the sins that I’ve committed, but the ones that are your own
If that’s true, then I’ll be willing not to walk this road alone.

I will listen to your Master if you show me that He’s real;
Not by preaching but by lifestyle and a genuine, Godly zeal.

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